Vigil for Gaza

Friday, July 25 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Corner of Chapel Hill and Foster Streets

CCB Plaza, Durham, NC

Join CPWJ members and partners as we hold a peaceful, healing space for people who wish to mourn the ongoing humanitarian nightmare in Gaza and commit to ending the escalating violence provoked by Israel’s ongoing occupation, which is supported by our 3.5 billion U.S. taxpayer dollars. All human life in this war zone must be respected. Palestinian and Israeli children deserve a kinder more just future.
The vigil will provide space and time to renew our hope for change through our prayers and wishes, songs, poems, and art. A list of resources and actions will be provided so that every participant walks away with a clear idea of how to make a difference. The vigil will be open and respectful to all religious, spiritual, and human rights traditions.

The vigil will begin with an invocation/introduction to set the intention for the vigil. Several of the vigil conveners, including AIME faith leaders, will bear witness by sharing prayers, poems, and songs for peace from different traditions. Participants will be able to add their prayers, messages, and art to a clothesline that will wrap around the Plaza.

Throughout the event participants will be invited to briefly share their grief and healing prayers/wishes with all gathered. We will light candles, hold some silent space, and follow with Kaddish and other prayers for the dead. We will conclude with song and closing comments reminding people of what they can do to bring peace. Finally, we will break fast and bring in Shabbat with food, prayer, and song.

Please bring:

• Candles (tea lights and candle sticks)
• Poems, songs, prayers, words of healing to share
• Bread/light food to share for Iftar (meal after the Ramadan fast) and bringing in Shabbat (and water for yourself)
• Flowers for the fallen in this struggle
• 8 1/2 x 11″ sheets of paper with images, symbols, text, and other artwork for our healing art line. (Images must be healing in nature; please no graphic images of deceased or seriously injured.)
• Markers to write prayers and wishes on the back of the images
• Clothespins