The mission of the Coalition for Peace with Justice (CPWJ) is to work for a just and sustainable peace in Israel-Palestine. We educate the public, advocate for change based on equal rights, and directly support peace builders in Israel-Palestine.

For over a decade, CPWJ has been the strong, persistent voice that has worked for peace for both Palestinians and Israelis in Israel-Palestine. We are able to instill hope in the lives of thousands for a better tomorrow through our work.  CPWJ has a small staff, and a very active board of directors who dedicate their time to CPWJ.


  • Education is key to informing the general public about the struggles of Palestinians living under military occupation in Palestine that Western media does not adequately cover. We deliver programs across NC featuring local, national, and international experts who provide critical alternative information needed to understand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


  • Advocacy is key to educating our legislators as we call for change in U.S. foreign policy that will foster a just peace in Israel-Palestine. Through our efforts, we encourage individuals to call for an end to U.S. funding that supports the on-going occupation of Palestine. We encourage individuals to contact their elected officials as well as engage in media advocacy through writing letters to the editor of their local newspaper.


  • Direct Support of peace-building organizations committed to non-violence is key to working toward peace with justice for all Palestinians and Israelis. We provide financial support to ten different Israeli and Palestinian organizations. These organizations offer programs to empower Palestinians, to support the struggle for equal rights, and to resist the occupation of Palestine through non-violent initiatives.