Urgent Action Needed!

Al Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza needs your immediate help.


Al Ahli has treated over 1,400 injured since the shelling of Gaza began on July 8 and continues to treat more every day. But supplies are running short. Urgent funds are needed to purchase:

  • Fuel to power generators
  • Medications and medical supplies
  • Food for patients and their families who have taken refuge in the hospital because their homes have been destroyed


Please make a gift to CPWJ today to help Al Ahli Arab Hospital. 100% of each gift CPWJ receives will go directly to Al Ahli.

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Since the Israeli shelling of Gaza began on July 8*:

599 persons killed: 443 civilians including 147 children and 74 women

  • 3,504 injured: 1,100 children and 1,153 women
  • 117,000 civilians have taken shelter in UNRWA schools
  • 1.2 million people with little or no access to water or sanitation services
  • 2,200 homes destroyed or severely damaged
  • 85 schools damaged
  • 18 health facilities damaged


*Source: United Nations 7/20-22/14